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This is the official Flux Slider plugin for WordPress. Creating stunning image sliders powered by CSS3 transitions has never been easier! Manage your image sliders from within the familier WordPress environment and then easily deploy them to any of your posts or pages.

Creating an image slider couldn't be easier, simply:

  1. Upload your images using the intuitive plugin interface
  2. Select the transition effects to use from the large list of 2D & 3D CSS transitions
  3. Insert the slider shortcode into your post or page using the WYSIWYG extension


The Flux Slider WordPress plugin is a premium plugin and is not available from the default WordPress plugin repository. You can buy a licence to use the plugin on your website starting from the low price of £14.99.

Single Site



Install the plugin on one personal or commercial website

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Multi Site


Save 20%

Install the plugin on five personal or commercial websites

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Install the plugin on unlimited personal or commercial websites

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If you'd like to use the Flux Slider WordPress plugin in a commercial theme please contact me to discuss a theme licence.


With the Flux Slider WordPress plugin you get all of the following:


How do I install the Flux WordPress plugin?

It is highly recommended that you install Flux via the WordPress admin UI:

  1. Login to your Wordpress Admin section.
  2. Click "Plugins" from the sidebar menu.
  3. Click "Add New" from the sidebar sub menu that appears under "Plugins".
  4. Towards the top of the main section should be a series of options, click on "Upload".
  5. Upload the flux-slider.zip you downloaded.
  6. Activate the plugin as normal.

What file permissions need to be set?

If you install using the WordPress UI then permissions should already be setup correctly. If you decide to install manually, please ensure that your wp-content/uploads and plugins/flux-slider folders are writable by the apache user.

My uploads are not working, what can I do?

First check that your file permissions are setup correctly. If not then once you've changed them deactivate and reactivate the plugin. If uploads still do not work please contact me on the Support Forum.

What browsers are supported by Flux?

Any browser that supports CSS3 transitions. As of writing this includes recent versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox & Opera. CSS transitions are due in IE10.

3D transitions require browsers that support 3D. As of writing this includes Safari & Chrome.

What happens in an unsupported browser?

In unsupported browsers the slideshows will gracefully degrade and still function, they just won't look as impressive as they do in supported browsers.

Requires: Wordpress >= 3.1.0, PHP5 with GD Extension, Flash (for file upload).