Joe Lambert

A collection of thoughts and experiments on my day to day experiences with using web technology to solve real world problems.

Sending data between Objective-C & JavaScript

How to robustly passing data from Objective-C into JavaScript running in a UIWebView.

Google Maps URL for directions from current location

How to create a link to a location on Google Maps and automatically show directions from the users current position.

Automated Regression Testing for Pattern Libraries

The other week we had a personal development day at Rareloop and we each spent a Friday day working on something we’d wanted to experiment with. I decided to take a look at automated front end regression testing and to see if we could get something working with our Pattern…

Whats new in Primer 2?

We've added custom template engines to Primer, letting you use whatever language you're most comfortable with.

Bedrock with WP Super Cache

Step by step guide to setting up WP Super Cache with Bedrock using Capistrano

Creating a PSR-4 WordPress Plugin

Create a WordPress plugin using PSR-4 namespaces and class autoloading that works with or without Composer.

Componentising design assets for pattern libraries

Pattern Libraries are great and in my experience go a long way to encourage the creation of robust and re-usable design systems. It can however be hard for clients, new to the concept, to visualise the end result without being shown the full page comps they’re used to receiving. Whether…

A Maintainable Cordova Boilerplate

Make developing a Cordova based app easier to maintain, especially when working as part of a larger team.

Managing plugin updates in Cordova

Automate the process of checking for new Cordova plugin versions and make the upgrade process more intentional.

BEM Guidelines for component focused development

Advice on using BEM for creating a component based design system, including examples and coding style conventions.

Offline First – A better HTML5 User Experience

This year at Full Frontal, offline enabled web site/apps were a recurring theme. Paul Kinlan gave an excellent talk entitled ‘Building Web Apps of the future. Tomorrow, today and yesterday’ (his slides are available here), in which he compared the ‘offline’ user experience provided by the top 50 or so…